Cosmopolitan’s 7 Ways to Get Buff ASAP – A Major Must

Cosmopolitan PageHellooo beautiful exercisers! Nothing’s worse than working your butt off and seeing no immediate results. Cosmopolitan has given us 7 Ways to Get Buff ASAP. These exercises are perfect for an at-home workout, and when done correctly will really make you feel the burn. Cosmo’s personal trainer Brooke Marrone and colleague doctor Nadya Swedan, MD provide us with easy-to-do exercises to do that won’t interfere with your busy schedule.
I love this article because:

  • The pictures are fool-proof!
  • Each exercise has a detailed description to make sure we’re moving inch by inch perfectly
  • There’s nothing on here we can’t do!! None of these exercises are going to make us bend into pretzel-position or risk tearing a muscle. They are all 100% safe and make us 100% closer to that bikini body.

These 7 moves target all of our key areas. Starting with the lower half, working our way to the much needed abdominal work, and ending with a full body burn! Just what we like!


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