Trust me, it’s INSANE – Insanity Workout Challenge

Richard Simmons Posing

Is it just me or is the image of Richard Simmons jumping and screaming on screen in his short shorts the most un-motivating thing ever? I always thought that at-home workout videos were a thing of the past.

Try this workout for 60 days.. it’s the perfect amount of time to get bikini ready!! The INSANITY workout is the new breakthrough, made by the same that provided us with P90X. With only 3 payments of $39.95, your own personal trainer pushes you with 10 extremely intense workouts. Do this program correctly and you are guaranteed to see a different within a short 60 days. I’ve heard the best things from this workout, my best friends and sister live by it. This insane program has motivated me to eat better, sleep better, and feel 100% better about myself. I am actually seeing the results and cannot wait until the 60 days it up to show off my hard work! Keep the discs, and even when the 60 days is up – keep going. The more you work the better you’ll feel. I promise.

Can you imagine burning 1,000 calories in just one hour!? The trick is high intensity workouts with short rests in between. Scream as loud as you want, clear the living room, and sweat like you’ve never sweated before. The INSANITY workout is ideal for us at-home exercisers. Start the challenge today, it’s worth it.Image of Workout Program


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