Don’t Forget To Eat Right, Too!

eat right tgm rapid fitness
If you’re anything like me, stress can really get in the way of your diet plan. I swear, I am always eating.

Portion control is not my forte, and if it comes in a seemingly never-ending bag, I will most likely eat it all until I reach the bottom. This problem is not benefiting my get in shape lifestyle.

First thing’s first 

It is important to tackle the source head on. Whether it be your tedious school work, your nagging boss, or your drama filled relationship. These problems are big, but they are not big enough to interfere with your health! And trust me, you’ll feel just a little bit better about your work, your job, and your love life if you feel good about yourself.

Out of sight, out of mind

Don’t put yourself into the position to eat poorly. Make good choices when you’re at the grocery store and it’ll make your stress eating problem A LOT easier. Snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing; it doesn’t have to revolve around carbs and processed junk. Opt for the perimeter of the grocery store steals.

yogurt dropsSome of my favorites:

-Celery and peanut butter

-Peanut butter and banana

-Peppers and hummus

-Carrots and light Ranch dressing

-Frozen Yogurt drops



Finally, crave a workout 

Alleviate your stress by doing a twenty minute high-interval workout. If you need to a change of scenery to avoid your crowded work station, go for a much needed power walk. Spring is in the air and the sun is finally cranking the heat. Make the most of these easy escapes because before you know it we’ll be curled up in bed watching the flakes fall.


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