Hop Into Those Heels

Sneaker HeelsI love my Nine West pumps just as much as I love my neon Nike Dual Fusions but I would have never dreamed of working out in them.

I think I just changed my mind…

ABC News shares Kamilah Barret’s newest secret in “High Heel Workout: High Fun or High Danger?” Kamilah instructs “Heel Hop” in her Los Angeles studio for “clients from New York City to Tokyo and Moscow.”

Dr. James Braxton Little does not recommend such activity but Kamilah is sticking to it! I wouldn’t mind trying out one of these all-high-heel 60-minute classes… talk about a calf burner!

It’s a fact, women look hotter, leaner, and taller in heels. I love the idea of feeling on top of the world when we’re busting our butts! So, what do you think ladies?? Break out those heels and do a few squats. Don’t forget to tell me how it feels.


Cosmopolitan’s 7 Ways to Get Buff ASAP – A Major Must

Cosmopolitan PageHellooo beautiful exercisers! Nothing’s worse than working your butt off and seeing no immediate results. Cosmopolitan has given us 7 Ways to Get Buff ASAP. These exercises are perfect for an at-home workout, and when done correctly will really make you feel the burn. Cosmo’s personal trainer Brooke Marrone and colleague doctor Nadya Swedan, MD provide us with easy-to-do exercises to do that won’t interfere with your busy schedule.
I love this article because:

  • The pictures are fool-proof!
  • Each exercise has a detailed description to make sure we’re moving inch by inch perfectly
  • There’s nothing on here we can’t do!! None of these exercises are going to make us bend into pretzel-position or risk tearing a muscle. They are all 100% safe and make us 100% closer to that bikini body.

These 7 moves target all of our key areas. Starting with the lower half, working our way to the much needed abdominal work, and ending with a full body burn! Just what we like!