Be Better Than You Were Yesterday – Start Your Exercise Today

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Hi ladies, Marina here. I have always been an avid exerciser but lately between school work and jobs, I don’t have the time to make it to the gym. This hasn’t tied me down and with the help of my two best friends, the exercise ball and the yoga mat, I’ve been able to stay in shape and keep toned up. This is my first blogging experience and I will post a variety of useful and fun news articles, exercises, and all around fitspiration to keep you girls motivated. Spring is approaching and there is no better time to start feeling good about yourself than now. I want to inspire you to be the best and work hardsweat every day, and learn to love the burn.

Time for a little background info. I was a Marblehead Girls Track Captain and made states in the discus. Girl power! I currently go to SRU in Newport, RI. I cannot wait till the weather warms up and I can run on the beautiful cliff walk again. I am thrown into the real world of working two jobs and getting a degree while staying healthy and maintaining a social life! Challenge accepted.

Embrace the challenge and enjoy this page.

“Because today is another chance to get it right”